Great family game designed for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 & up.

Fast Track is played with decks of ordinary playing cards, and “Magnetic Push Pins”, on a flat gameboard surface. The magnetic feature allows game pieces to remain in place, as one turns the game board over to access the game rules fastened to the backside. No more “bumping” the game board to gain an advantage, or to prematurely end a poorly played game, or by mistake (really?). made in the USA.

For Magnetic Fast Track without playing cards ($60)

For Magnetic Fast Track with playing cards ($70)

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photos of playing Fast Track
Playing the Game.                 Let's see what the rules say!

Fast Track Features

Sturdy 3/4” melamine with waterproof game overlay.

Strong Magnetic Pins.

Good looking, easy to play, short cuts on the board, custom design with “Old Glory” background.

Clearly written game rules.

Can be purchased with or without standard playing cards

Convenient Ordering.

Fast Track Pricing

What you get for $70.00:   Fast Track Game Board / 24 Magnetic game pieces in plastic box / Game Rules / 6 decks Bicycle cards.

What you get for $60.00:   Fast Track Game Board / 24 Magnetic game pieces / Game Rules.

Shipping:   from Bend, Oregon:
$17 per game (without playing cards)
$18 per game (including playing cards)
in the continental US

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